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We're Spinnaker Chocolate

We're a family-owned and operated business in Seattle, Washington.

We believe that better ingredients make better food — and that better cocoa beans make better chocolate. So we spent years figuring out how to make chocolate with only the best cocoa beans. Creating pure, smooth, flavorful chocolate that we know you'll enjoy.

And for every item you purchase, we'll make a donation toward cleaning up the ocean so that future generations can enjoy better ingredients, too.

Why we started making chocolate

Watching other chocolate makers inspired us to start making chocolate of our own. Pretty soon we were able to adapt the standard chocolate-making process to create what we thought were more flavorful bars.

Chocolate is made from fermented cacao beans and often the fermentation process is not perfect.

Several years of tinkering later, we've come up with three different ways to remove cacao beans that might not be well fermented. We've even built a few pieces of our own equipment to help us identify and discard low-quality beans.

What makes our chocolate unique

We've taken an intensely scientific approach to our production process. We've spent years researching, testing, and iterating on thousands of different variables to dial in our manufacturing.

Our process is different from other chocolate makers in many ways but the biggest distinction is our dedication to roasting nibs instead of whole beans.

We always say that if we can make our chocolate even one percent better, we'll do it.

How we make our chocolate

We make chocolate starting with cacao beans and we process them all the way through to a finished chocolate bar. We're what you'd call a “bean-to-bar chocolate maker.”

We have a complicated production process. In short, we sort in three different ways, micronize, crack, winnow, roast, proof, sift, pre-grind, grind, conche, age, temper, mold, and package our bars - all in small batches.

Our process takes a little longer and costs a bit more, but we think the proof is in the pudding...or in this case, the chocolate.

Our social impact

We love the ocean. Our name is Spinnaker Chocolate because we're sailors, snorkelers, divers, paddle boarders, and more.

Our mission since day one has been to give back to the ocean, so for every item we sell, we donate 1% of our revenue toward cleaning up marine debris.

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