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    8,000,000 metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year

    Yes, you read that correctly. And it's the driving force behind Spinnaker Chocolate.

    Our company goals are to raise awareness for the pollution issue we're facing, reduce waste, and create a cleaner environment. (Oh and to make exceptionally good chocolate of course.)

    Your purchase helps us remove litter from our environment and protect what we love.

    Ocean-friendly packaging

    Because most US households don't have a curbside composting service, recycling remains the most sustainable packaging solution. So we've tried to make as much of our packaging recyclable as possible.

    From our tape, labels, and boxes to our shipping insulation and bar wrapper, our packaging pieces are either compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

    Picture of the pieces of our packaging

    Get involved

    Connect with a cleanup in your area

    Or host your own. The easiest way to join is through the annual Internation Coastal Cleanup (ICC). Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world take part in a massive cleanup effort organized by the Ocean Conservancy.

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    A chocolate bar on the beach

    Clean up with Spinnaker.

    Help us keep our oceans clean. Join our mailing list to learn about upcoming cleanup events.